Have you decided that this time, instead of your typical vacations where you would fly to exotic locations and beaches with your friends and indulge in fancy things, you are going to go camping in your own country? Or has your coworker been going on and on about his recent camping trip and it has really inspired you to make a similar trip with your family or friends as well, to the same campsite? No matter what your story may be, camping is a great once in a lifetime experience and once you fall in love with it and learn how to do it the right way, it will soon become your preferred way to relax and disconnect for a while.

But it is not as easy as it seems and you will need to take many more things with you and not just a barmah squashy hat. So you must do proper research to make sure that you and whoever you have decided to go camping with, ends up having the best experience you can all possibly have. You can ask your friends, family or coworkers for advice if they are avid campers and if they are not, you can simply look online. Read below to learn more about many things you must know before you go camping.

Your tent

We all know how this is one of the most fun but still vital part of camping. You need to think about the kind of tent you need and think about its size, shape and also if it is waterproof. Most tents are in fact not waterproof, but if you are planning on camping at a site that experiences heavy rainfall, you must invest in a tent that is waterproof so you will not be sopping wet and cold throughout the night if it suddenly rains.

When setting up your tent with your finest survival items, you must choose a flat and level area and test the ground with the tent stakes. If the ground is too dry and hard, the stakes will not go in and if it is too wet, it will not stay in and your tent will keep falling. You must also set up your tent in a spot that gets sunlight in the morning but is in a cooler, shaded place in the afternoon and always set it up next to a strong tree or large boulder, if your campsite is highly windy.

Other things you must do

Always set up camp close to a water source but also not right next to it, for safety reasons. You must also think about if you want to have people around your tent. If you choose a popular camping site, there will be loads of other campers and if you choose a site that is less popular, you and your friends will be able to truly enjoy the camping experience.